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on a different level to my previous post..

LOCKED: here is a post about someone's scathing post of another post!:

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Years and years ago when there were wolves in Wales and uncles at Christmas, I posted about Futanari Village, to a somewhat more understanding reaction than I got over on wtf_japan.

Well, Yoshihiro Nishimura and his Nishimura Eizo make-up studio, who made the penes worn by FV's cast, have reunited with Noboru Iguchi (the director of The Machine Girl, for which Nishimura did gore FX) to out-trainwreck themselves (and give me an excuse to kickstart this comm) with what may be Iguchi's first pr0n work: Collapse )
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So as you may of heard (or not wanted to hear)

Everyone's favorite famous couple got married.

this is the most disgusting trsinwreck event to happen this year.

lookit his flesh beard :*(
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