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The Train Wreck Syndrome Support Group

Relinquish your pain unto us...

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Ever clicked on something that made you go, "WHY did I do that?"

Ever seen something that made you go, "Oh, that's got to be VILE!" and yet click on it anyway?

Even worse, do you ACTIVELY SEEK OUT things to destroy your mind like this?

If so, you probably have Train Wreck Syndrome, and you're in good company. This is a community of people who, despite being conscious of the risks they take of mentally and emotionally scarring themselves, still can't help but go and look at the material in question.

Some would call us fools, and some would consider us to be doing a great service to the community by by screening the atrocities out there and warning everyone else about it.

Come share your pain with us. If you're into that kind of thing, that is.

tws_support is brought to you by azusa, the Merry Mistress, and rikoshi, Founding Foxy. They are benevolent dictators moderators.

Your other moderators are:

Posting Guidelines:
Posting guidelines have changed! Click here for more info.

  • Gripe all you want! Just remember: we're here to make fun of concepts and things, not people. Personal attacks should be just that: personal. Don't drag the rest of the community into it.

  • Debate freely, but debate intelligently and respect other community members and others who comment. Please do not start flamewars.

  • One person's Train Wreck is another person's idea of a good time. Please, post anything and everything you find TWS-worthy, but remember that some folks (including community members) might actually like it. Please respect other people's interests. After all, they might find one of your interests train-wreckish, and would expect the same courtesy from you in return.

  • Please do not post 'wank' here. There are plenty of wank-related communities already in existence for this, regardless of how trainwreckish much wank tends to be.

  • For any posted content that is particularly extreme insofar as being violent, gory, squicky, and such, please label and flag such posts accordingly. Try to be specific, here: e.g., 'WARNING: Graphic Photos of Suicide' or 'WARNING: Cruelty to Animals' and the like.

  • If something is bizarrely intriguing, confusing, hypnotic, and nonsensical, but otherwise not 'trainwreckish,' please post it to our sister community, wtf_inc!

  • If something is actually neat and fun and interesting and not traumatizing, by all means, post it onto portal_o_normal!

  • Please do not crosspost. If something fits better in another community than it does here, then it probably belongs there.

  • Above all, have fun! The mods will answer any questions you all have!

Check the Memories section for easily-indexed TWS material!
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